WordPress Blog: .com or .org?

No doubt, you’ve heard of the WordPress blogging platform. But confusion abounds when one learns there are two different versions of WordPress:

WordPress.COM – which is free and remotely hosted on WordPress’ own servers.
WordPress.ORG – also free, but you install this version on your own domain and your own hosting that you pay for.

The core software itself is the same. Both are free. However, the key difference boils down to one critical element:


Aside from WordPress.com’s Terms of Service, which prohibit certain types of affiliate marketing on blogs hosted on their servers, there is also another element – equally as critical – to consider: what if their servers go down or they decide to do away with the free hosted blogging accounts.

Late yesterday, the latter came to fruition (in part) when all WordPress.com blogs went down. Millions could not access their blogs.

Not much you can do when you don’t control the hosting. You’re at the mercy of WordPress to get the problem resolved.

In all fairness, even if you pay for hosting, servers can go down; however, I’ve been with HostGator for several years, I’m also a reseller for HostGator, and their servers so rarely have issues, I can’t remember the last time they did.

All that to say: if you want to blog, save yourself a whole lotta headache and setup your own blog, with your own domain name and hosting that you are paying for.

For about $11 – you can get started. $10 for the domain name and .01 penny for your first month of hosting with the coupon code: WORDPRESS

If you need help setting up your own WordPress blog, check out my Beginner to Blogger in 4 Weeks course. The first lesson (which you receive instantly after you order), walks you through:

  • Registering your domain name
  • Setting up hosting
  • Changing the nameservers to point your domain to your hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • … and more!

That’s just the first week! Tons more great information in the other 3 weeks of lessons.

Don’t give anyone else control over your content – learn how to create a WordPress blog that you can control.

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