Why Do I Need a Design Phase At All?

As a gal notorious for DIY-ing things even when I don’t really know what I’m doing (I’m like the phrase “fake is ’til you make it” in human form), I love jumping right into the process and getting going on a new project. I know many people feel that excitement when you know that a new and huge update/change is going to happen and it will be awesome.

But often in this excitement important steps in the process can get skipped. Unfortunately, one of the steps that often gets skipped is the design phase. Common reasons (*cough*, excuses) for skipping the design phase include:

  • This is such a simple website/webpage/email/younameit that is doesn’t NEED a design
  • I know what I want already so I don’t need it
  • Designs are expensive and out of my budget
  • I’m really good at eyeing it/winging it
  • Project Runway has taught me how to design on the fly

Whatever your excuse, it’s garbage. You need that phase. In fact, I would even argue that it’s the most important phase of them all.

Here’s why: The design phase is not just about the look. SHOCKING RIGHT?  The design phase is also about…

  • Setting your business goals front and center
  • Zeroing in on your target viewer (a.k.a your future client)
  • Making your website clear and easy to navigate
  • Making you and your business accessible and desirable
  • Determining what content is important vs. what is secondary

But most important of all, it’s about getting ORGANIZED and having a PLAN. The design is your roadmap. Your compass, even. Without it you could spend a lot of time wandering around the woods and possibly even get lost. So don’t skip it. And don’t cheap out on it. It will always be worth it!

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