Using Private Label Rights (PLR) For Blog Post Content

I love to write, it comes naturally to me. Shoot, I love to talk too – I’ve even been dubbed ‘The Quiet One’ by my fellow Elite Mastermind group members, which is Lynn Terry’s paid inner circle. Believe me, that’s a loving term of endearment (so they’ve assured me!) and it’s not because I was ‘quiet’. 😉

So I’m not shy, I like to write and talk and am never at a loss for words; but not everyone is like me. Perhaps you are such a person – the truly quiet ones; if so, you may find blogging to be a bit frustrating, as it’s all about writing new content. Tough if you don’t like to write!

Well, I’ve got a solution that may help you, it’s called private label rights, or PLR for short, and it’s content that’s written by other people, that you purchase, and then have permission to use for your own projects, whether that be an ebook, report or even blog posts. 😉

Now let me just say that you need to read the terms of whatever PLR you buy, because the terms may vary as to what they will allow you to do with it; but in most cases you can do with it pretty much whatever you want.

How To Use Private Label Rights (PLR) in Blogging

First you need quality PLR. Like anything else, there’s good and bad. Remember, you’re looking for PLR because you may not be the best at writing, so just because someone is selling PLR, doesn’t mean they’re great at writing either. It may just mean they’re an entrepreneur and whipped out some PLR. So before you buy, either ask to see a sample of their PLR; or only buy from a PLR resource recommended from someone you trust. This is very important!

Second, once you have your PLR, you need to read it! I know that seems a silly point to have to make, but you need to know what it is you’re going to be posting on your very own blog – read it.

Third, edit it. Yep, you need to modify the wording a bit. Add an intro paragraph, change some of the phrasing to make it sound like you. Basically give it a little more of your ‘voice’ and personality. You don’t need to do a lot, if the process of this already has you breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it, but change it up some. Remember, this same PLR could have been sold to who knows how many other people who could be posting this same content on the web – make yours unique.

Fourth, break it up into chunks. If possible – split up the content into several blog posts and then add your own unique content around the core of the PLR that you use. Or, possibly use parts of the core PLR as talking points as a question/answer style blog post.

I could go on and on with ideas, but you get my point. Be creative in how you use PLR on your blog. Follow my first three points above, then with point number four, use your creativity in how you actually implement the PLR onto your blog: whether you use it pretty much ‘as is’ for a blog post, split up for a series of blog posts, or whatever – the point is, you have a well-spring of words now at your disposal to use on your blog.

My Top Recommend PLR Resource

I know you’re gonna ask me, and yes I have a couple favorite PLR resources, but one of my all time favorite writers is Jimmy D. Brown. Hands-down this man is brilliant and an excellent writer. I have just about anything he’s ever written, including his PLR.

The good news is, Jimmy is opening a new private label rights content site called Prime PLR.

My advice – do not delay. Sign up today so you don’t miss out on Prime PLR, when the doors open, run and get in. Seriously – you will not be disappointed with the quality of Jimmy’s PLR. It will give you blogging content for months (if not years) to come.

So no more excuses for your blog to be sitting there ignored, collecting cob webs and the tumbleweeds rolling through with no new content.

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