TweetDeck Multi-Account Is HERE! & More!

Finally, after what seemed like forever waiting, today TweetDeck released v0.26 and along with that comes multi Twitter account capabilities, you can choose to display someone’s follower count below their avatar, TweetDeck now has a Recommends feature – click the icon at the top, and it opens a new column of tweeple they recommend you follow.

Also, you can now have unlimited columns, and even better – your columns and groups are now saved when you close them! This is a huge plus – no more losing all your Groups if you need to make room for more columns, of course with unlimited columns, that may no longer be an issue, but it’s nice to know you can close them if you need to and the information is saved.

Another plus I noticed, when I do click the Groups icon, it loads much MUCH faster. Previously, it would take forever and a day to load, as it was loading up my entire following list, now – it’s super fast to load, and any previously closed Groups are also displayed for you to reload, just click the ‘Load Group’ button and you’re back in business.

Also coming today – TweetDeck app for the iPhone!

Big day indeed for TweetDeck! I’m lovin’ it! So far, this version is not being auto-pushed, so you may need to go download it like I did to get the latest version.

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