Tips for Starting Your Own e Business

A new year, and a new decade, are now here. How was the last year (or decade) for you? Good, great or could have used improvement?

With unemployment rates in corporate America at near all-time highs, the likelihood that you know someone who has been laid off is high. If there is one thing we learned in this past decade is that nothing is ever for certain when it comes to employment.

Well…. that’s almost true. Starting your own business can provide you with a good income, without worry of getting laid off. Starting an online business, also referred to as an ‘e Business’ is even better, as your overhead costs are practically nil.

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you my own success in 2021 and some tips for starting your own e business, so you too can live the lifestyle you want and control your own economic future.

2021 Was a Very Good Year

For me personally and professional, 2021 was stellar. If you read my previous post, you will see I mentioned some of the highlights of 2021.

Today happens to be the first day of the month, and it’s the day that I pay commissions to all my affiliates who have promoted my products and services. I love this part of my business – because it means I’m helping someone else achieve their goals of earning passive income.

What I also love about the first day of the month is that it’s also the day that I receive affiliate commissions for products and services of other marketers that I have promoted. The beauty is that my affiliate commissions I receive, more than pay for the affiliate commissions I pay out. 🙂 Gotta love passive income!

To help you also achieve your financial and lifestyle goals, here some tips for you.

Tips for Starting Your Own e Business

  1. Determine what business model(s) you will use. Yes, you can have more than one business model. I do:
    • I own an outsourcing services company where I provide outsourcing services to clients
    • I have my own products that I have created and sell to others
    • I am an affiliate marketer where I promote other people products or services
  2. Decide your goals and objectives. Why are you staring your own e business, what financial goals do you have and what lifestyle goals do you have. You need to know your intended target to know if each step along the way is taking you closer to that goal or not.
  3. Mindmap them out or write them down. Whether you use mindmapping software such as Freemind, a white board or paper and pen; just put your goals in writing.
  4. Plan out the action steps you need to accomplish your goals. Just writing down your goals, without any plans to put it all into action is dreaming. Don’t just dream of being successful – do it! Accomplishing your goals takes work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Being an entrepreneur requires self-discipline, dedication and hard work; but the work pays off in the long-run.
  5. Then get to work implementing your plan of action
  6. Learn to delegate. One mistake I see many work-at-home business owners make is they try to be ‘Lone Ranger Entrepreneurs’. Folks, let me tell you, one person can not efficiently and effectively run an entire business successfully. If you have plans to truly succeed in your business, then you will need to outsource some of the work – unless your lifestyle goal includes working 14-16 hours per day for the rest of your life.


Starting a business is easy, making a business a success takes work. If your goals for this year include starting your own e business, check out Beginning Blog Profits for more ways and help on accomplishing your goal.

To YOUR Success,

P.S. Don’t forget, you do not have to run your business all by yourself, hire an outsource Team to help you.

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