Support the Cause via Your Twitter Avatar

If you’re on Twitter, you’veSupport the Cause via Your Twitter Avatar no doubt seen some very interesting avatars. Some people use logos, or images to represent themselves, their company and/or brand. Most people use photos of themselves to help build that know-like-trust factor and personalize their social networking experience.

One thing you will also notice is that people will change their avatar and add things to it. Sometimes it’s just a decoration for a particular holiday. @MariSmith is one that comes to mind, as she will add a red Santa hat to her Twitter avatar. She changes her avatar frequently to reflect her mood, or for an upcoming event.


Probably one of the most recognizable support the cause icons is the support ribbon. On Twitter, they are referred to as Twibbons. There is a site that has a variety of support the cause icons, from colored ribbons to other icons as well. is the place to go to find a ribbon to support your cause.

During the protests this summer in Iran over their voting issues, many folks changed their Twitter avatar to have a green hue, or added green support the cause ribbons.

This is October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and many on Twitter are adding pink support the cause ribbons to their avatars.

There is a never ending supply of worthwhile causes to support; however, our Twitter avatars could quickly become completely covered if we started adding cause ribbons and colors to our avatars. So best to pick one at a time to support, and possibly rotate between a few avatars you create to equally show your support for those causes near and dear to you.

The ’09′ Story
Not all avatars that support a cause use ribbons, or change their color hue; Traci Knoppe Support the Cause Avatarmy own avatar has elicited many questions. I have a large ’09′ on my avatar and it’s to show my support to end child trafficking.

This particular cause is one that I not only wholeheartedly support, but I also ‘put my money where my mouth is’ and contribute to financially. So for me it’s more than just numbers on my avatar, it’s one I truly support all around.

No person on this planet should be abused in any way, and as the mother of six children (four of them girls), I am particularly troubled that this modern day form of slavery and abuse exists. It needs to stop.

So the ’09′ on my avatar will remain, until they either come up with a new support the cause icon; or all children are safe.

Learn more at Born 2 Fly International.

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