Social Transparency – Think Twice Before Tweeting

Social media mama Rachel Yeomans has been pushing me out of the nest for a while now, and as I’ve been Tweeting more and more I’ve taken notice of the transparency Twitter brings to our waking lives.

As a working artist with a full time job, I spend a significant amount of time in meetings, side-meetings, meeting recaps, events, event planning meetings…you get the idea. And sure, there are many a time when I think “Gee, this meeting is a waste of my time. Why am I here? I could be doing something much more productive.” I have no doubt that every one of you readers thinks the same thing now and again. And in the pre-social media days, if you anticipated that your presence wasn’t necessary at a meeting, you could make up a legitimate-sounding excuse to not attend the meeting, or at least cut out early and no one would think the less of you.

But it’s all different when you’re Tweeting (and Facebooking). If you make up that legitimate excuse and excuse yourself early from a meeting, then tweet about how much fun you are having at a concert or performance, I hope you realize that you look like an irresponsible jerk.

So please, y’all, Tweet away, and make up your legitimate excuses for shirking responsibilities, but you’d best think twice before revealing to us all that you could care less.

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