PLR Content: Is it Ethical?

Is one of your goals for the new year to be consistent in creating content for your site? Or perhaps for you to start an online business or web presence for your existing business and you’re finding you have no clue what to write about, or writing isn’t your ‘thing’?

I’ve got a solution for you: PLR Content. PLR = private label rights and it’s content that is pre-written by others, where the sole purpose and intent is for you to use the PLR as content for your site and the best part – you get to claim it as your own! Yep, pretty sweet deal! Someone else does the work and you get to take the credit.

In the case of PLR, you are often buying packages of PLR in a particular topic. You may buy a PLR package on how to make money blogging, or dog grooming or whatever.

Usually PLR packages are sold to many people, so in order to make use of PLR, it’s advisable to edit the PLR to customize it in your ‘voice’, add to it to include particular information you want to include and essentially make it your own.

Finding quality PLR isn’t always easy, but my friend Nicole Dean has an outstanding PLR service called Easy PLR. It’s worth checking out her PLR packages so you can cross that site content issue off your to-do list.

Oh, and if you need help editing your PLR, my Team over at Your Web Tech Team can do that as part of the services we provide our clients. So if delegating tasks was also on your to-do list, I’ve just helped you cross another item off that list. 🙂

Here’s a short video by Nicole addressing the question: Is it Ethical to Use PLR? (great answer Nicole!)

To YOUR Success,

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Easy PLR. This is true quality written PLR.

P.P.S Do you use PLR on your sites or for other projects, such as ebooks, reports, etc…?

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