Personal Goal Setting: Ignore the Chocolate!

This evening I received some of the worst personal goal setting advice I think I’ve ever received.

Set your goals high, but not your expectations.

Say what?! I read that and did a double-take. I couldn’t believe it. Never before has Dove chocolate messages steered me wrong, but today was definitely a turning point.


Yeah, so I’m partially joking about actually following advice from a Dove chocolate message. Normally their message are uplifting or just plain silly, but this one was different.

Set a Goal and Expect to Achieve It!

Seriously, the whole point of personal goal setting is to actually map out a plan where everything you do brings you closer to that goal, right? If you do not expect to achieve, you haven’t set a goal – you’re dreaming.

Goals vs. Dreams

There’s a big difference between goals and dreams.

  • Goals have action attached to them.  They have a plan and even if they take a while to reach, you are working toward that goal.
  • Dreams are something we do when we’re sleeping (i.e. not taking action).

5 Goal Setting Activities to Goal Achievement

Wake up! You can turn your dreams into goals, with these five simple goal setting activities:

  1. Decide what your ultimate goal is. Think of your goal as a target that you’re aiming for.
  2. Determine mini-goals that break down your ultimate goal into manageable short-term actions. Write out your goal, including mini-goals, as this will help you stay on track until you hit the target.
  3. Take action! You’ll never reach the finish line if you don’t start toward the goal.
  4. Find an accountability partner to keep you on track. This could be your spouse, a friend, business partner or a personal business coach.
  5. Plan your reward and your next goal! Finishing a goal, especially if it was one that took a long time to achieve, is a great accomplishment. Reward yourself in some way. Then set a new goal. Always be striving and aiming for something.

I highly recommend a personal business coach, or a Mastermind Group to help keep you accountable and to help you reach your goal.

Whatever you do – ignore the chocolate.

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