My Pile of Go-Go Gadgets

One of my favorite cartoons growing up was Inspector Gadget. Even to this day, I enjoy demanding of my electronic devices, “Go, go gadget iPhone!” or “Go, go gadget GPS!”, etc. So what are my primary accessories that get me through each day? Well let’s begin!


  • iPhone
    • Alarm clock – I have the “Strum” default option, which sounds like a fun yet low-key guitar beat
  • iPad
    • Check that email and Twitter stream! Oh yes, and Daylite for the to-do list and calendar of the day’s activity
    • Listen to NPR while getting ready


  • MacBook
    • Email, multiple browsers (and oh so many tabs), Tweetdeck, Pandora, Adium, Skype, Evernote…the list goes on
  • iPhone
    • Siri, I heart you
    • My lifeboat when running between meetings
    • Always around for the conference call!
  • iPod
    • Yes, I like having my entire music collection in one place
  • Mobile Hot Spot


  • MacBook
    • Blog updates & paperwork
  • iPad
    • “How to Cook Everything” app is my standard cook-something-gourmet-and-have-it-be-easy-and-quick app. Seriously it’s amazing. Download it!
    • Email touch-base (I try to turn off my MacBook mail after the end of the work-day – this is my “cheat”)
    • Netflix streaming – I’m a big fan of streaming my favorite Dr. Who episodes while doing blogging and paperwork. Have to have some entertainment while being productive, right?!

Gadgets definitely make a big different in my day-to-day schedule. But will I one day have the ability to have helicopter propellers come out of my cloche?

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