Mac vs PC: Which is better?

Among computer geeks, there’s long been a debate on which computer is better: Mac or PC. I would say the average non-geek generally goes with the PC, for the reduced cost, it’s wide circulation of Windows based software, and well, because you can easily find a PC anywhere – even Walmart.

Then you have the uber geeks, who at one time were a rare lot of folks who wanted a computer system that was ‘bug-free’, virtually virus impenetrable, and full of functions and features that only true uber geeks even know how to use. These fine folks bought Macs.

MacBook AirThe Mac vs PC debate has even spread to my home office. I’ll admit I have PCs, but long to get a Mac. Why, because I’m an uber geek wannabe, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Some uber geeks get a little ‘high and mighty’ over their stance that Macs are better. I do not take offense, because if you’ve ever gotten the ‘blue screen of death’ on your PC, you’d quickly become an uber geek wannabe yourself and start drooling over a featherweight MacBook Air.

I have gotten that blue screen of death more than once, and a few months ago, my PC crashed and I lost everything. [Yeah, no lectures please on backing up your computer] I had my external hard drive of info still intact, but did not have a recent backup of my PC, so lost it all. Talk about frustrating! Lesson learned though, backup your computer regularly and often!

So why have I not made the switch to a Mac? Cost is probably the main reason why most folks remain PC users, despite the issues they encounter. I’ll admit, cost is also a factor for me as well; but not the main reason. For me, it’s about software compatibility. There are certain software that I have, and use, daily, or at least regularly, that are not Mac compatible. Eating the cost of a switch to Mac is one thing, but add to that the cost of my time to learn all new software – yikes!

Then along comes VMware Fusion 2; a bridge so you can run PC programs on your Mac (I’m hearing a choir of angels singing hallelujah!). Yes! There is a God and I’m convinced he’s a Mac user. 😉

Ok – so I now have this realization that I can actually get a Mac, still run my needed PC programs and all will be well. There’s still the cost factor of buying a new Mac. They’re not cheap, but then, I will be saving on repair shop bills trying to revive the old girl from the ‘blue screen of death’. A huge plus!

So on my list for the first quarter of next year is to get myself a Mac; preferably a MacBook Air. I want lightweight, as my current laptop could be used for resistance weight training during my Fat Loss Quickie workouts.

Until my plan comes to fruition, I’ll have to settle for this Mac in my laptopMac (aka: MacGuyver) in my laptop case case. Good thing his real name is MacGuyver, so should my PC conk out on me before I get my new MacBook Air, he should be able to fix it with a bubble gum wrapper and a paper clip.

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