Julie & Julia: a Bloggers Review

Let me preface this review my saying, I am not a movie reviewer – I am a Julie & Juliablogger. So whatever normal movie reviewing protocols there may be, will not be done in this review. That said… on with my review!

My husband and I loved this movie. I can speak for him as well as myself, because well – he was laughing when I was, and we did a lot of laughing during this movie. It was light hearted, romantic and a joy to watch.

I do not consider myself a ‘foodie’ – that would be one who loves to cook, loves to talk about food and all things involving food. I eat – but that alone would not be reason enough for me to go see a movie about Julia Child and cooking. It was the blogging aspect that drew me in – Julie Powell’s blogging her adventurous culinary journey through Julia Child’s cookbook that drew me to go see this movie. I was not disappointed.

Julie was trying to overcome her own inability to follow through with anything, so took on the arduous task of cooking through Julia’s cookbook: 365 days and 524 recipes and blogging every day along the way. Let me just say that the discipline required just to blog everyday is daunting, but to have to do all that cooking too – especially the amazing recipes she was making – Wow! Impressive.

From a blogging perspective Julie experienced what most new bloggers do, she’s posting to her blog, but she wonders if anyone is reading. She keeps writing and, over time, people do find her blog and start commenting. Her excitement over her blog comments made me grin, as she did high fives with her co-worker over new blog comments.

Then the New York Times calls to interview Julie about her blog, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What made people take notice of Julie’s blog was that it was unique. She was blogging with honesty about her experience as she took on the task of cooking through this cookbook. No one had cooked through the Julia Child cookbook and had blogged about it before Julie – this was unique. The fact that she wrote about her melt downs and made it ‘real’, made it something everyone could relate to; we felt as though we were right there in the kitchen with her: that made her a good blogger.

The movie itself made me actually want to go out and buy Julia Child’s cookbook. Which surprised me, and shocked my husband. 😛 You can attribute that to Meryl Streep’s fine performance. She was truly spectacular as Julia Child.

Amy Adams was wonderful as Julie Powell and was so lovable you couldn’t help but like her. The original Julie/Julia Project blog is still available online over at Salon.com.

The movie from a movie goers perspective: very entertaining, romantic and fun!

The movie from a blogger’s perspective: a bit lacking. They did mention her blogging, her excitement at getting new blog comments, and showed her blogging some. However, I felt the blogging aspect within the movie was down-played with more focus on the actual cooking than the blogging. I guess cooking makes for better drama on the big screen.

My recommendation: 2 thumbs up. Overall it was a very enjoyable movie.

Warning: not for children. It does contain some brief mild language and some mildly sensuous scenes, nothing an adult can’t handle, but not for children.

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