I’ve got my blog online, now what?

First, congratulations on getting your blog online. Welcome to the world of blogging!

There are three main next steps to consider:

  • What are the goals for your blog?
    • Is it just to journal your thoughts
    • A venue to offer free information for others
    • You plan to monetize the blog in some way
  • Continue posting quality content on a regular basis
  • Devise a marketing strategy

Blog Goals

If you did not know what you intended to do with your blog before you started, now is the time to decide: why are you blogging? There is no right or wrong answer, but knowing why you’re blogging and having a plan can keep you focused and on target for your overall goal, especially if you intend to monetize your blog.

Consistent Posting

It should go without saying that ‘quality content’ is important, and it certainly is, but so is regular consistent on-topic content. Sporadic posting can leave blog visitors confused, leary of your blog’s staying power and of your ‘authority’ in your niche. Post regularly on the latest news, tips or even your opinions within your niche market to keep fresh content flowing on your blog.

Strategic Marketing Plan

You may write the most awesome blog posts on the planet, but if others don’t know about your blog, your content will sit there unread. You need a strategic marketing plan to help drive targeted traffic to your blog. You don’t want a bunch of traffic just for the numbers, if they aren’t in your niche market; this especially true if you are monetizing your blog. Lots of traffic doesn’t necessarily mean lots of buying customers. Be mindful of what marketing you’re doing, where you’re doing it and why.  Do split-testing to see which methods give you the best results for your market. Of course, keyword research is a must!

If you do the above three things, you will be on the road to successful blogging. if you have not yet gotten your blog online, and find yourself needing structured step-by-step help; check out Beginner to Blogger in 4 Weeks.

Until next time….

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