Free Internet Marketing Consultant: Google

As an internet marketer and web designer, I am frequently contacted by, I’m sure, well-meaning folks who just want to ‘Ask me a quick question.’ Kathleen Gage recently posted about this topic on her blog. She sums up the issue we internet marketers have with ‘quick questions’ that folks want answered for free, and why we can not do this without going broke.

I love to help people. My personal motto is: Honor God. Help People. I do that every day; of the time and place of my choosing. I’m in control of my time – I have to be. My free information is located right here on this blog ( and I have a lot of free information here. I also post in Lynn Terry’s free public forum, as well as her Private Elite forum, and of course on Twitter and Facebook. However, there has to be limits on what I share and when.

Why the limits?
Because time is money. I could literally spend all day answering everyone’s questions for free, then would have no time to actually make the money I need to help support my family and pay my bills.

If you want a free internet marketing consultant, try Google. 😉
I don’t mean to sound snarky or ugly, but Google is your friend when it comes to finding free information. I know most folks are not intentionally taking someone’s time without considering the cost; but it is something that needs to be said.

Searching for the Easy Button
For those few folks that are contacting internet marketers and asking Easy Buttonquestions in search of an ‘Easy Button’, or a short-cut to their own success to find the missing puzzle piece as to why they are not successful themselves; or assuming that the internet marketing ‘guru’ as some missing ‘It’ that they don’t have…. NEWS FLASH: there is no missing anything – except you taking action. The only ‘Easy Button’ is this one you can buy at Staples for $4.99.

Internet Marketing Consultant One-on-One Coaching
If you need one-on-one help, most internet marketers have a coaching program (me included) and you can get the help you need. Yes, it costs money – but if you are not able to make progress using Google to provide you with the information you need, and/or you need more specific questions answered to help you move to the taking action phase so you can get to profit in your business – then invest in coaching! It’s worth it.

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