Fix for When You Can’t Change Your Password in TweetDeck

Recently I changed my Twitter password. Normally this is a simple, straight-forward process. I change my password at Twitter, then for any other applications or web sites I use that also require access to my Twitter account, I update my Twitter password. Well, this is where things went nuts – TweetDeck flew the coop and wouldn’t let me change my password.

I started noticing tweets from others having the same issue. Oddly enough, this problem was only occurring on my laptop, not my desktop – so I bypassed the issue and used Seesmic Desktop on my laptop.  However, the problem was still there and I finally decided to tackle the issue.

First I uninstalled TweetDeck and reinstall, thinking perhaps it was a faulty file from a recent upgrade. That did not resolve the problem.

After more tinkering, I did find the solution, hopefully it will also work for those of you also having this problem.

The Fix When TweetDeck Won’t Let You Change Your Password

  • Open TweetDeck
  • Click Settings icon, upper right corner
  • Click Accounts tab
  • Click the account you need to change the password for, click Edit
  • Type in your new password in the password field
  • Click ‘Add New Account’
  • Click Save

That’s it! This is what did it for me. It was that extra step of clicking the ‘Add New Account’ button that seemed to do it and allow me to actually Save my changes, where before it wouldn’t.

I’m fairly certain this is either something new with the latest version of TweetDeck, or a bug; but this got the job done for me and allowed me to save my new password.

Let me know if this resolves the problem for you.

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