BoxCar App Simplifies My Social Life

When it comes to apps, I’ve tried my fair share of Twitter applications. Why would a Twitter app make my personal life easier? Because this is not just a Twitter app. It’s BoxCar! The app sends you push notifications of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google Voice, email, RSS feeds, and dozens of others. Once you receive the push notification, you can open in the native app automatically to 2 200×300 BoxCar App Simplifies My Social Life

The push notifications come across quicker than Echophon, Facebook, and Google Voice for me (the only ones I use currently). So how does this save time? As a community manager, I have several different accounts and campaigns that I manage. I can set up a unique stream in BoxCar, even with custom sounds, to see the things I need to see as they happen. And if I need to respond, the app takes me directly to the proper account. No worrying about sending a tweet from the wrong account. All this saves me time, makes it easier to manage and is free to use.

Of course there is a paid version that removes the ads from across the bottom. (And don’t be fooled by the ad that looks like a message indicator!) Here’s a link to the BoxCar app in iTunes.

Have you tried BoxCar yet? What do you think? Once you give it a try, come back and leave a comment so we can compare notes.

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