As a Work at Home Mom: My Rock Stars Aren’t Like Your Rock Stars

I have never been the ‘groupie’ type that followed rock bands to all their concerts. Sure, I love music. I mean I really love music, I listen to music all day in my home office; but I never went to the point of idol worship with rock bands, and never joined fan clubs as a kid. I did have posters hanging on my wall, and no – I’m not gonna tell you which ones, that would date myself. 😉

My taste in music has certainly changed over the years and so has my taste in who I choose to admire and respect. So when I saw this Rock Star video, I never laughed so hard in all my life! I’m such a geek and honestly – I would be impressed by the guy who invented the USB! 😛

However, there is someone else I also consider a ‘Rock Star’… you have heard me mention my mentor Lynn Terry, and no doubt she’s one of my Rock Stars for sure, but there is one other person that I also highly admire and respect and that’s Jimmy D. Brown. That man is a genius. The information and products he creates are outstanding!

So for the first time ever, right here on my blog for the whole world to see, I’m announcing I’d like to sign up for the Jimmy D. Brown Fan Club. I’ll be the President. Oh Nicole Dean! You got a fan club yet for Jimmy?! 😀

Why do I respect Jimmy D. Brown? For one, some of his products either currently help me run my business or have helped me get my business running to the point that it is. Like this report Homepreneur Habits: How To home-based office HomprenuerRun A Successful Home Business. I’m not kidding. It’s some of his products that helped me make a turning point in my business; possibly because of his writing style, the way he presented it, his methodology, or the simple fact that it’s great information – I don’t know; but after reading, learning, researching and buying probably a dozen other ‘systems’ (many for a lot more money), Jimmy’s information (along with Lynn Terry’s ongoing sage advice and wisdom) has really helped my home-based business more than anything else I had tried. That’s the honest truth.

Check out Jimmy’s Homepreneur Habits ebook. It’s good stuff.

Inquiring minds wanna know: who are your mentors that have helped you in your business?

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